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Here we have answered some frequently asked questions. 
If you have a specific question that you need an answer to, please contact us.

Custom Shade Services - Do you provide these services?
Yes. We invite you to send patients of these special cases to the laboratory. By appointment only please.
Services - Smile by Design is a full service lab
Yes, Smile by Design Dental Studios is a full service laboratory, offering a wide range of services which include crowns & bridges , full dentures, acrylic and cast partials and orthodontic appliances.
Delivery & pickup - Please detail your services.
We offer pick-up & delivery from the Toronto to most of the GTA. Additionally , we use ICS Courier, Purolator, FedEx and Greyhound Package Express. We also pickup and deliver on Saturday.
Services - Custom staining - Do you offer this service?
Yes, We offer custom shade and custom stain for optimum esthetics and difficult cases.
Accessability - Parking and wheelchair accessibility?
Yes, convenient free parking is available and the laboratory is wheelchair accessible.
Ceramics - High-Strength - What high-strength ceramic systems do you use?
We use a number of high-strength systems depending upon the application...leucite reinforced porcelain, lithium disilicate glass ceramics and milled zirconia. Implant abutments, veneers, crowns and bridges and inlay/onlays can all be of high-strength ceramics
Esthetics - How do you create the esthetics in your ceramics?
The new porcelain systems are fantastic, but the final esthetics of all ceramics systems is a veneering porcelain that is built into the restoration in layers, by an experienced ceramist. This is what brings depth to all ceramic systems and goes far beyond surface staining. This is most important, especially for anterior teeth.
Cosmetic restorations - Do you offer these?
Yes, we offer cosmetic dental restorations in the form of porcelain veneers and all-ceramic restorations, including high-strength milled zirconia frameworks and pressed ceramics too.
Porcelain Systems - Do you offer any specialized ceramic systems
One of our ceramic systems is Empress. We offer the entire Empress line, including leucite-reinforced ceramics, lithium disilicate and zirconia. Captek is another system that has provided proven results for years
Zirconia - Do you work with zirconia frameworks?
Yes. We also scan and design in our own laboratory. We work with high strength zirconia in the form of single unit crowns and large mutiple crown and bridge and implant frameworks too.