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IvoBase System
A systematic process for the fabrication of high-quality denture bases
Ivoclar Vivadent is presenting a new denture base system called IvoBase. This new system enables dental technicians to create tissue-friendly dentures using a high-precision, fully automated working procedure.

The IvoBase system is designed for the fabrication of partial and complete dentures in conventional and implant prosthetics. It can also be used for relinings and occlusal splints. The material is processed in a tidy straightforward procedure. The need for water bath polymerization has been eliminated, which means no more water vapour in the laboratory.

full denture by Smile by Design Dental StudiosLeading-edge design

Injection moulding technology and especially designed PMMA resins form the cornerstones of the IvoBase system. These components have been designed in a complementary fashion and are fully coordinated with each other. Injection moulding and polymerization are performed by the injector in an automated process. The chemical shrinkage of the material is fully compensated during the polymerization process due to the patented thermal management of the flask and the heating system. This allows the fabrication of high-precision denture bases offering unparalleled accuracy of fit.

Maximized benefits

The IvoBase denture base materials consist of PMMA-based auto-cured polymers, which combine the advantages of heat- and auto-cured resins. IvoBase is available in two pre-dosed versions: IvoBase Hybrid and IvoBase High Impact. IvoBase Hybrid is suitable for universal application in removable prosthetics. IvoBase High Impact is especially designed for high load-bearing dentures, for instance in implant-supported prosthetics. The RMR function (Residual Monomer Reduction) reduces the amount of residual monomer to below one per cent, providing IvoBase denture bases with a combination of high gloss and exceptional comfort to wear.

IvoBase® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

IvoBase Injector - Precision Press Processing

IvoBase Injector permits a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization procedure of special PMMA resins which are coordinated with the system. The chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization thanks to the patented temperature control in the flask and the heater. This enables the fabrication of denture bases featuring high accuracy of fit and precision. The injector has been especially developed for the IvoBase material and permits excellent restorations. The IvoBase Injector can also be used for the tried-and-tested SR Ivocap material.
•"All-in-one" injector, quick and easy setting into operation possible
•Controlled polymerization shrinkage for optimal accuracy of fit
•No water and compressed air connection necessary (plug and play)
•Compact, modern and ergonomic design; requires only a small space
•OSD indicator: current operating status visible from a great distance
•RMR key for a clear reduction of the residual monomer content
•USB port for software updates via PC/Internet
•Direct flask heating without water bath permits polymerization without annoying steam
•High maintenance friendliness and easy replacement of the heating elements due to the removable cover
•Versatile injector with various Ivoclar Vivadent and reserve programs
Smile by Design Dental Studios is proud to use denture products from these manufacturers and suppliers.
Smile by Design Dental Studios is your Vitallium® Laboratory!

Dental professionals have trusted Vitallium® by Smile by Design to create world-class function, fit and beauty. With Vitallium® 2000 physical properties and handling characteristics we can provide each framework with extraordinary strength and unprecedented fracture resistance while allowing for smaller, lighter, more delicate partial frameworks.

Vitallium® Advantages and Benefits

Biocompatibility - Dentists and partial dental wearers choose Vitallium® for its purity. Vitallium® is manufactured in a unique, quality controlled process that produces a purer alloy that is free from nickel and beryllium. Vitallium® is totally biocompatible. In fact, it's the the same alloy that surgeons have implanted in the human body to replace hip, elbow, knee, and finger joints for nearly 50 years.

Comfort - Unlike conventional metals or plastics, Vitallium® alloy has unique properties that allow construction of a lighter, less bulky framework that retains the strength and rigidity required to function properly. Because they are thinner, Vitallium® partial dentures feel comfortable and natural.
Sense Of Taste - Vitallium® partial dentures transmit the sensations of hot and cold to soft tissue, and Vitallium® partial dentures will not affect sense of taste. Vitallium is biocompatible, comfortable, natural, and attractive.


Since 1932, dentists have trusted their Vitallium® laboratories to create world-class function, fit and beauty standards for premium partial dentures. In this tradition of excellence.

Vitallium 2000® delivers all that you have come to expect and more.

  • Biocompatible ... nickel and beryllium free formula
  • Refined surface maintains its high luster and resists plaque
  • Smaller, lighter partial dentures
  • Adjustability and fracture resistance
  • Guaranteed strength, function and superior fit
  • Esthetic partial denture designs
Vitallium 2000® 

With its improved physical properties and handling characteristics, Vitallium 2000 is the new standard for premium chrome cobalt alloys.

The composition of the alloy has been designed to maintain the legendary strength of Vitallium while improving virtually all of its working characteristics.

Vitallium 2000's tensile strength of over 855 MPa's makes it extremely fracture-resistant, and with an elongation of 9%, the partials adjust like gold.

The lower Vickers Hardness minimizes abrasion on opposing dentition, and, coupled with a yield strength of over 600 MPa's, Vitallium 2000 resists permanent deformation.

These improved physical properties provide your patient with a partial of extraordinary strength, superior fracture resistance and smaller, lighter design applications - guaranteeing patient comfort and acceptance.


the Industry Standard

Strength & Durability

Esthetics Without Compromise

Smile by Design Dental Studios Features the following denture teeth and materials: 
Portrait IPN, Bioblend IPN, Bioform IPN, Portrait IPN, Vita and Ivocar

IPN stands for inter-penetrating polymer network. It means that the tooth material is not just cross-linked like conventional plastic teeth, but doubly interlocked. The result is a dramatic improvement in physical properties most important to denture wearers-high wear resistance and excellent retention of surface luster.

full denture by Smile by Design Dental Studios

Lucitone 199 Denture Acrylic

The high impact strength of Dentsply Trubyte Lucitone 199 denture acrylic has set the industry standard for nearly 40 years. Offering optimal resistance to flexure and fatigue, as well as excellent tissue colouration, vein simulation, and balanced translucency, it provides lifelike shades and fewer repairs.

Diamond D Denture Acrylic

Diamond D's Ultra Impact properties are derived from a unique impact modifier and our methods of blending this modifier with pigments and fibers. This process also creates a higher than average tooth to acrylic adhesive bond, as recognized by our dentists. Shade choices of Diamond D are based on industry standards.

Pro-flexFlexible Dentures

Pro-flex is a semi-flexible acrylic that has been chemically altered to give the final appliances both strength and semi-flexibility.This material is excellent for making flexible clasps, sub-lingual flexible flange areas, semi-flexible partials and splints.The NFC Resin uses the same acrylic flasking techniques as other acrylic. It can be polished, shaped, relined, and repaired like regular acrylics.